Eternal Spring hand-picked organic green tea
Eternal Spring hand-picked organic green tea
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Eternal Spring hand-picked organic green tea

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About this tea

We're delighted to get our hands on a micro-batch of this spring harvest Dah Yeh green tea from Taiwan. Dah Yeh means "big leaf". This big leaf variety is traditionally used to make oolong tea, but the farmer has started producing this green tea. The tea is hand-picked, sun withered then lightly roasted to stop the oxidation process.

This spring green tea is perfect for going into the fall season here in the southern hemisphere. The lasting sweet creaminess of this tea is a clear sign of the masterful care taken to produce it. There is a strong note of fresh milk biscuit and sugarcane. A faint memory of cinnamon sits at the back of the tongue and throat.

This tea leaves you feeling serene and energised. I suspect it is due to a nice balance of the caffeine and theanine constituents. for this reason, Eternal Spring would be a great companion for focussed study, work or meditation. 

Why is it called Eternal Spring?

It is a spring harvest which is typically the preferred time of year to harvest for green tea production. We've named it Eternal Spring because we were getting so many infusions that we lost count. It just keeps on giving. I've had 3 sessions with this tea now and each time, I've steeped more than 9 infusions!

Season: Spring

Cultivar: Dah Yeh

Origin: Ruisui, Hualien (East coast), Taiwan

Picking/Processing: 1-3 leaves and buds

Elevation: 300m

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